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Grass, trees and trails – oh my!

Allergic to alll greenery outdoors but I love walking and exploring so do it anyway 😂😂

I’m always looking for good walking areas and I found a couple of locations to go to: flatter trail closest to home and a split trail that goes to two parks about 10 minutes away. With the advent of the coronavirus, the walkways been more congested than usual so I try to go at odd times and hotter parts of the day. My joints LOVE heat so this is a win-win.

Community trail that is closest to home. One day I will conquer the entire trail!
Trail leading to Gold Park
Strolling through River Park

Getting outdoors allows for a change of scenery and can produce endorphins to make you feel better. And I love warmer weather so getting in a sweat is a plus! My acupuncturist is all about walking outdoors as nature, especially green and trees, relaxes the body. And with stress levels through the roof, who doesn’t need a way to relax?!

I truly hope this finds you well, safe and healthy. Have you found a place to get away? If so, drop a line below; I’d love to hear from you! 🥂 to your good health.

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Remote work, part 2

I work remotely 75% of the time so I am sharing tips from my “normal” as so many are adjusting to this current reality.

This week’s advice:

– show your manager that you are working by picking up a side project.

Yes, that may sound odd when you have your regular work responsibilities so let me give you my example. When I am not working from home, I travel a great deal, sometimes every week for months at a time. Since all of my travel has been canceled through at least the end of April, I have much more time to fill during work hours. I decided to work on a procedure manual for my role. The job that I hold never existed before so I know there is nothing written down documenting what I do, how things are accomplished, the appropriate contact people, etc.

Not only does this self-given project fill my work hours, it also demonstrates initiative, being a self-starter, makes a great use of time- and your manager will know that you have been working. You may not travel, but you could use the time typically spent on meetings that are now conducted via email.

I hope this helps. Any other suggestions that may assist others?

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Writing about emotional health is probably the hardest for me to write. Emotional health has definitely been on the back burner for a while. It’s easy to be buried in busyness- work, family, friends, commitments- and so emotional health gets neglected. 🙋🏽‍♀️ does that describe you too?

So I buried myself in work, which was easy because the majority of my jobs have involved some level of travel. It’s harder to form relationships and build anything when you’re always gone. In one job, I would be away from home all month, come in for the last weekend and then repeat the next. Crazy, right? And for a time, that’s great- I went to many places that I would never have visited; I was even sent to Brazil for a week for my job. Who wouldn’t love that?! But in all this travel, connections suffer and are harder to maintain.

Instead, I just didn’t deal with emotional health. I put time and effort into other aspects of life but didn’t properly process issues, feelings or concerns that would come up for me. Ignoring it just doesn’t make something go away. What I learned what it grows bigger because it was never dealt with.

And that’s what I’ve been trying to do as my level of travel has decreased. It’s not always comfortable and takes time to not fall back into default thinking leading to an emotional misadventure- at some point, I wanted to get off out of that loop. So cheers 🥂 to emotional wellness. Until next time!

(The pic is from the trip to Brazil)